I honestly want to have you all for myself but I am a selfish person who could not even spare any love for myself.
when I am alone again, I will wear the face of the most unfortunate person in the world. yet inside, I know I am the luckiest person in the world.
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 #I would sit outside this gate and cry and hold down the intercom button and tell the person inside how beautiful their gate is #and they would call the police to collect the drunkard off their driveway #but I would be completely sober and still crying over this beautiful gate (x)
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Hey guys, I’ve made some pixel brushes!! I mostly just use gray tones, but sometimes I really miss screentone-like quality when doin’ uh, comic art :D?! I have made both Photoshop and SaiTool version, so I decided to share~
Here is the link:Download PhotoshopBrushDownload SaiToolBrush+ Installing instruction
I’ll try to update if I make more screentone-like brushes or shape